photo by Chrystalyne Knapp

Regina Knapp

The owner of Log Cabin Herbals LLC is Regina Knapp. She is a single-parent of 4 grown girls. She moved to Chesterfield Virginia 23 years ago as part of a consolidation of her employer Whitehall – Robins Consumer Healthcare. She has 28 years of experience in the over-the-counter pharmaceutical research industry.

However, her passion has always been in the more natural ways to treat symptoms of illness such as chamomile tea for stomach aches and nausea. Her mother was a registered nurse who combined conventional medicine with traditional remedies that she learned from her grandmother. Throughout Regina’s childhood, her mom treated her six children with natural remedies first and then conventional medicine second.

Regina has been a single parent most of her children’s life and understands the busy schedule. She is about to complete her schooling in medicinal herbalism. Through her studies she has broadened her interests into many alternative, complementary modalities, such as the role of the gut microbiome in illness and sound healing as well as Bach Flower Essences.

Log Cabin Herbals LLC is the accumulation of her dream to help people own their own health wellness by bringing natural alternative therapies to fit each person’s lifestyle as each and every person is different and reacts differently to healing therapies and medicines, even plant medicines, therefore each person’s program must be specialized to fit that person.

Regina’s style is to listen to the individual, create a program that addresses the person’s individual needs at any age. This is done through diet and lifestyle changes that will fit their routine, so that they can have the most vibrantly healthy body, mind and spirit that they can obtain; thereby enjoying life to the fullest.